('blaek nis)


1. the state or quality of being a black

2. the state or quality of being a black person 

The Vision

 I started on this journey to tell this story born out of frustration. Every time I turn around another one of my people are being gunned down in the street and people are tossing us away like it’s nothing. And we all rave on social media and phone conversations pissed about yet another killer being set free and our lives seemed like they don’t mean a thing. And as frustrated as we are we are not surprised. I want to tell more of our story, more of where we as black people have been, and where we as a people are going. because despite popular opinion my blackness is not a sin. I realize; I am not able to examine being black in America without looking at the brutality that our people have suffered. It is part of our story, but it’s not our whole story, we are more than that with a strength of a people and character and culture that runs deep.


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The Village

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